Aligning and Activating Your Sacred Business with Brianna Rose

I’ve been sharing with you throughout the year my passion for Kundalini Yoga. Having entered my life during a time when I felt lost, isolated and trapped in my own nightmare, this practice has drastically shifted my life. As a teacher of this practice for over 3 years now, it’s been incredible to witness the people who’ve entered my life that too are part of the Golden Chain. Becoming more conscious in all areas of our lives, these spiritual practices and principles are showing up in many areas including our lives, relationships, and of course our careers and work. We’ve become increasingly sensitive, especially over the years, as we have to process more information than ever before. Putting a toll on our nervous system, practices like Kundalini Yoga offer us the ability to strengthen our sacred container as the energy of abundance comes into our lives. I know for me, after being struck by lightning, my nervous system was damaged. This is where we hold all our trauma and the energy that is life.


I was beyond stoked to have my soul sister Brianna Rose on this week’s episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast. I met this beautiful soul as part of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkies Masterclass community and wow, what a transformation we’ve both experienced over the years. I even had the pleasure of doing a medicine session for this woman as she was truly honing in to her Sat Nam. Now, she’s slayin’ the game with her Rising Light Sisterhood community on Facebook where she offers weekly business activations.




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One of the biggest things is that we’re taught that in order to create success we have to create a whirlwind of craziness for ourselves when it can be just really pure and blissful.

— Brianna Rose

In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast we talk about…


☾ The trend of people showing up + stepping into their Sat Nam

☾ The importance of connecting with your body to anchor in the work you’re here to do

☾ How Kundalini Yoga is helping people excel to new heights

☾ Having the courage to do the deeper work in order to be a light leader

☾ Knowing you have permission to authentically be you

☾ The power behind reinventing + rebranding yourself

☾ Going at your own pace as you honor your healing journey

☾ Feeling into your changes and your business

☾ Finding the state of bliss and flow at your core

☾ Rebranding as a healing process

☾ Doing work that’s inspiring and intentional

☾ America’s rebranding as we continue to heal as a collective THROAT CHAKRA HEALING

☾ Cultivating a relationship with your Chakras to anchor in your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

☾ Strengthen your lower chakras + the importance of being grounded

☾ Transmuting the scarcity mindset + stories passed through our parents

☾ Millennials, the philanthropic generation

☾ The power of your sound current

☾ The future of business through partnership

☾ Understanding the energy of your business


I want you to always remember, honor the journey, trust the process. You know in your heart what’s needed of you in order to achieve and actualize your wildest dreams. Now is not the time to give up. This is an opportunity for you to truly show up in the world and share your gifts and talents. The world is ready for your medicine. You taking the time to dive in deep and heal those wounds will not only benefit you and your well-being, but also the world’s. Be gentle. Honor your feelings. Share with loved ones what’s going on. And always remember, you are so loved and so supported!


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Discover Brianna Rose

Brianna Rose is a Kundalini Business coach who’s mission is to help Soulpreneurial get aligned and activated in their business.

Through her energy work, she helps women uncover their gifts, share their voice with the world, and tap into their prosperity potential. She believes in holistic brand building and curating a business according to your energy.

Brianna works with women across the globe to raise the consciousness of the planet. Her deep transformative work is always paired with infectious laughter and storytelling. 


Discover More about Brianna

INSTAGRAM | @IamBriannaRose



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