Reclaiming your Power From the Patriarchy Through Astrology with Evelyn Von Zuel

As we find ourselves deep in this Eclipse portal post the Super Everything Moon in Leo, many of us light leaders are having to come to terms and face the things we’ve been repressing for years, possibly even lifetimes. I know for me, I’ve been having to come to meet my inner child and give her the love she’s been yearning for years. This has been directly tied to my Judeo-Christian upbringing centered in shame and guilt about love, body awareness, and overall being a “good girl” in order to avoid going to hell. With Christianity being derived from the patriarchal system that suppressed women, the recent women’s movement is bringing forth an opportunity for women and the feminine essence within each of us to rise up as we continue to heal and transmute any limiting beliefs that have been placed on us for generations. 

As we continue to cut through the influence of the Patriarchy that’s been doing its best to keep us in line, it’s crucial for us to connect to our Truth. With the recent political arena and influence in the United States, there’s been an opportunity for the American People to speak up and save Democracy as we know it. Many of our systems need a wakeup call and reform, but to see that in the political system, it first must begin with us, as the inner creates the outer. My sister, Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council is a passionate priestess who loves to connect the political sector with astrology, because let’s face it, astrology is the language of the future. It’s universal. As we take the time to understand the planets more and how they effect our energy, we are able to navigate through this time and space easier. Through our awakening process, we are becoming increasingly sensitive, astrology is a powerful way for us to reclaim our power. Understanding the energy behind money is also a great way for us to go forth and not only accumulate more of it, but more importantly, cultivate a healthier relationship to it. Money has been a topic that’s been coming up a lot on the Sovereign Goddess Podcast because humanity needs more conscious millionaires, for those who are conscious and see money as a force of good. These individuals will be the ones who donate to nonprofits and causes that need help, inspire and uplift others to become a vibrational match to the money they are worthy of, and more importantly, allowing their money to support small business and people who are doing great things through their work to help and elevate the collective consciousness and the planet at large.

Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council | Reclaiming Your Power from the Patriarchy Through Astrology // Sovereign Goddess PodcastEvelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council | Reclaiming Your Power from the Patriarchy Through Astrology // Sovereign Goddess Podcast

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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about…

☾ The Recent Leo/Aquarius Axis

☾ How to hone in to the Eclipse Portal

☾ The Rise of Inner Child Healing 

☾ Insights on the various houses of your natal chart

☾ Healing our Perception around Tax Season as we Redefine our Relationship with Money

☾ Rewriting the story of the Judeo-Christian Rule that’s been carried on for generations  and lifetimes

☾ Astrological Insights as to what’s unfolding in our current political sector

☾ Using our light to influence and uplift the hearts of the world’s current political leaders

☾ Understanding Kundalini Energy to Make Positive Change in the World

☾ Developing a Healthy Relationship with Mercury + Mercury Retrograde

☾ The Rise in Popularity of Astrology

☾ Evelyn’s Journey to find her Sat Nam

☾ Why Planets effect everyone Differently

☾ Anchoring our Multi-Sensory Selves

☾ How Astrology is becoming the norm again

☾ Sneak Peek about Uranus in Taurus + why it’s important to connect with your body

☾ Astrology becoming the Language of the Future

☾ How to heal skepticism around Astrology


It’s no accident as to how these recent years have played out. The American people needed a rude wake up call to take back their power and to align to the true ethos of America, allowing We the People to come together as a Republic as we take a stand for all people. As a Spiritual Teacher and a student of A Course in Miracles, I recognize not only that everything is love or an opportunity for love, but also that there is no separateness between one another. We are One and that means when our brother triggers us, we have to allow ourselves to go within and heal the wounds that have caused the pain. What’s been happening in the US and the World has been an opportunity for more community, more love, perfect for the Leo / Aquarius axis we entered during this recent Lunar Eclipse. Leo, the ruler of the Heart and courage pairing up with Aquarius, the Rebel who sees the importance of community,  is giving us the key to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, all we have to do is have the courage to follow our hearts and love what arises. Working through deep Inner Child work means going back to those painful and traumatic memories and giving ourselves the love we’ve been yearning for. 

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Meet Evelyn Von Zuel

Evelyn Von Zuel has been pouring her soul into the esoteric subjects for life times. She knew she was interested in the most mystical side of life since a very young age. Her knowledge and practice spans across many subjects, including astrology, guided meditation, crystals, moon ceremonies and occult history. Evelyn withdrew from her conventional career in 2016 to fully devote herself to expanding her natural gifts for healing others. Her birth chart readings are clear, honest, and sometimes life-changing. 

Evelyn is as enjoyable to be around and willing to listen as her Libra sun sign suggests. This makes a beautiful combination with her Scorpio ascendant, which allows her to see straight to the bottom of every question that is brought to her, and the ones that haven’t been asked yet. Meanwhile, her Taurus Moon allows her see the most realistic and attainable course of action, and gently offer it to you.  

Working out of the serene landscapes of Joshua Tree, Evelyn is able to stay grounded while holding space for you to dive deep within.


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