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078 | Growing Your Soulful Business + New Paradigm Leadership / Zoey Greco

Over the years, I’ve been getting messages from people all over sharing how hard it is for them to find their community of Modern Mystics. While on my way to the Tuscon Gem Show in Tuscon, AZ, it was a no brainer to check in on my instagram desert soul sister Zoey Greco aka The Merhipsy. After following each other for years, I wanted to visit this talented and incredible healer to keep it 100 with you all.

As a healer in California, it was important for me to really feel into what it means to be a healer outside of the Mecca of Modern Mysticism. With the current state of the world, healers are needed more than ever. Embarking on this journey as a Spiritual being, you can begin to see how life is happening for us, not to us. We have this opportunity and power to cultivate great change. New Paradigm Leadership is here. This awakening is happening for people, especially those “spiritual folk” to get radically honest with where humanity is and how you can begin to really take action. Each of us has a responsibility to do better when we know better. 

I know that when I have resistance to something, it’s Spirit saying, “hey, you’ve outgrown this in this capacity, in this form.” … and I learned to stop being afraid of it.

— Zoey Greco

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In this episode, Zoey and I talked about….

☾ Cultivating Connection + Community when living in a Small Town 

☾ The Awakening in our Current Politics and the draft for the Light Army

☾ The Power of perception

☾ How Media is trying to disempower Millennials 

☾ Understanding New Paradigm Leadership

☾ How Spirit Speaks to Those Who Listen

☾ How to start giving a shit about the Environment

☾ Understanding how trauma and pain play a role in fear-based thoughts

☾ Inclusivity + Privilege in the Spiritual Community

☾ Cultural Appropriation, Gender Fluidity + Wellness beyond Whiteness

☾ #MoneyMotivation to Move Mountains and Serve


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Discover Zoey Greco

Zoey Greco, also known as “The Merhipsy”, is an intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to the divine guidance and unconditional love that awaits them in every moment from Universal energy. She is also the creatrix of the Mystic Rebel Oracle Card series, host of the Mystic Rebel podcast, and half of sound healing duo, Woke Renegade. Zoey uses her gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and empowerment, to help individuals step into their purpose, gain clarity on their lives, and find fulfillment and abundance in all forms. However, her deepest passion is creating tools and educational materials to help souls expand their intuitive ability and have a closer relationship with the Divine.


WEBSITE | http://www.merhipsy.com

SHOP THE DECKS | https://www.shopmysticrebel.com

INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/the_merhipsy


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