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Festival Sustainability + The Truth about Trash with Moon Mandel + Sophia Nielsen of Trash Pirates

With festival season around the corner, I’ve been answering the call to best support my community and the planet at large. Since being a music journalist back in 2011, I’ve been a Medicine Woman on the dancefloor and a curious sociologist, studying festival communities and the impact we’re making on the world. It goes without saying, Burning Man trained me well when it comes to being a conscious consumer.

After teaching a Kundalini Yoga + Sound Medicine class at Desert Hearts festival last year, I felt the urge to go on an adventure and check out the Trash Pirates. This incredible group of humans travel to festivals around the world as the green team for the event. They sort trash all the way down to cigarette butts and are here to educate the masses about becoming conscious consumers not just in the festival community, but out in the world too.

As we approach Earth Day, the conversation around single use and the excess of plastic in the world and unfortunately our oceans has been a hot topic. In this episode, you’ll hear the truth about trash and what it takes to truly implement change on and off the dance floor.


In this episode, Moon, Sophia and I talked about….

☾ Festival Sustainability + How to Take Action

☾ How the Micro impacts the Macro

☾ The truth about your single use products

☾ The intention, ethos + mission of the Trash Pirates

☾ Where your Trash is REALLY Going

☾ Becoming WOKE to Microplastics

☾ Innovative Technologies to Transmute Trash

☾ Embracing the 4 Rs

☾ How to Properly Honor your Trash

☾ The Truth about Butts

… plus so much more

077 | Festival Sustainability + The Truth about Trash / Moon Mandel + Sophia Nielsen of Trash Pirates

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Discover The Trash Pirates

The Trash Pirates are a renegade group of environmental activists, collectively working together to handle waste management, litter removal and environmental restoration at festivals, concerts, and events worldwide. We operate under the “Leave it Better” mantra, working to constantly remove the presence of waste our surroundings and ultimately striving to create a truly Zero Waste environment at Music Festivals and around the world.

YOUTUBE | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZ15kDthWrM5zeIQhs5hZA

FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/trashpirates/


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