080 | The Guardians Quest for a Conscious Tomorrow / Zachariah Fisher of Peace Guardians | sabrinariccio.com

080 | The Guardians Quest for a Conscious Tomorrow / Zachariah Fisher of Peace Guardians

With the rise of conscious families, there’s no denying that the children are watching. Conscious Parenting is the future of parenting and to get there, we must be willing to do the work and to clear the ancestral karma once and for all. There needs to be more of an awareness of how we can best serve the leaders of tomorrow. As the wave of Indigo Children clear space for the Crystal Children to rise in a post-2012 world, Peace Guardian Founder Zachariah Fisher is setting precedent on what it means to be a holistic leader in today’s world.

For these children to grow up in a safe environment, it takes us coming together and being the change we wish to see in the world. This is the time for us to have more conversations about our intercity youth, how we create new systems to support our school systems, privilege and how we can best support the children today for a healthy and conscious tomorrow. To cultivate an empowered generation, we must help them and teach them the tools in their childhood. This is what the Peace Guardians are all about.


In this episode, Zachariah and I talked about….

☾ How Zachariah embraced his Hero‘s Journey to Cultivate Peace Guardians

☾ The evolution of parenting in this New Paradigm

☾ The collapse of outdated systems + the Cultivation of the New

☾ The Power of the Subconsious when it Comes to Learning

☾ The Truth about Holistic Leadership

☾ How Mythology has evolved into this Modern Day through the Hero‘s Journey

☾ Seeing the Centeredness of Children

☾ Bringing the Medicine to Intercity Youth + their Families at Large

☾ The Power of Collaboration through Movement via KinFlow

… plus so much more

080 | The Guardians Quest for a Conscious Tomorrow | Zachariah Fisher of Peace Guardians080 | The Guardians Quest for a Conscious Tomorrow | Zachariah Fisher of Peace Guardians

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Peace Guardians is a shared vision of certified youth educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs and artists coming together to empower our future generations. We believe that NOW, more than ever, the planet is calling for a new generation of leaders that work together to cultivate solutions towards a more harmonious world.

Our Peace Guardians team was brought together by a mutual passion for youth enrichment, and a shared concern around the problems youth are facing today. We have seen a rise in social and emotional disconnect. We witness a school system that doesn’t address the whole child, and undervalues its teachers.

Kids and Teachers alike are being confined to a outdated education system that does not support their full unique expression

Our vision is to create a decentralized network of empowered educators creating enrichment programs that nurture emotional intelligence and self development of the whole child. With purpose driven passion we are committed to being innovative leaders in youth enrichment, and teacher training.


WEBSITE | https://peaceguardians.org/

SUPPORT THE GOFUNDME | https://www.gofundme.com/peace-guardians-crowdfund

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/peaceguardians/

FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/peaceguardianstribe/


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