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Turning Shit into Gold through Meditation with Megan Monahan

We all know health and wellness is the future of medicine. For years, decades, centuries, lifetimes, many of us have been navigating through this thing called life with burdens, the weight of the world, traumas, ancestral karmas, and pain. Through the practice of meditation, we can begin to go within and discover our Truth, the spaciousness that’s always available, and the internal guidance for us to unleash our medicine with the world.

In this episode, I have soul sistar Megan Monahan to share with us her story as to how she turned shit into gold through meditation. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Megan for 6 years after first meeting at the Chopra Center in Encinitas, CA. Since then, she’s been active in the wellness community, speaking up on behalf of those who’ve been marginalized in the wellness community and beyond. Now, she’s releasing her first book, Don’t Hate, Meditate! which comes out June 4th. This is the time for us to know that we are supported. We have the power to cultivate the life we want. What it takes is us keeping our integrity, standing up for those who’ve been silenced and take action to cultivate the life we desire.

“You can have depth and also still be a real, engaging and at times entertaining conversation. ”

— Megan Monahan

In this episode, Megan and I talked about….

☾ Honoring your past + the journey that brought you here

☾ Diving Deeper into the world of spirituality through integrity

☾ Inclusivity in the wellness industry

☾ Transmuting Spiritual Bypassing + Spiritual Color Blindness

☾ Embracing the shitty moments to Discover the Gold by Going in Deep

☾ What can come up when writing your book

☾ Unpacking the 5 spiritual mindsets

☾ Cultivating the space to activate Clarity

 … plus so much more.



081 | Turning Shit into Gold through Meditation | Megan Monahan

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Discover Megan Monahan

Megan Monahan has been practicing and teaching Vedic Meditation since 2009. She began her study and work in meditation with Deepak Chopra and continues to partner and share the stage with him as a host and teacher at his events several times a year. In addition to reaching thousands through her classes, she also serves as one of only a handful of Lululemon ambassadors that specializes exclusively in meditation. Megan’s meditation recordings have been shared internationally through multiple media platforms like Wanderlust TV and with apps like Unplug Meditation. She is the founding meditation instructor for the groundbreaking, millennial-driven Mend app and helps produce The Shine LA. Megan’s brand partnerships and collaborations also include Unplug Meditation, Rocnation, and Athleta. She writes for and is featured in LA Yoga Magazine and has been featured online in print and video for Origins, Beaming, Sticky Be Socks, Equinox, Be The Career Change, and Spiritual Gangster, among others. 


WEBSITE | http://www.meganmonahan.com | http://www.donthatebook.com

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/megmonahan/



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