The Infiltration of False Light in the Coaching Industry »

The Infiltration of False Light in the Coaching Industry

As the Great Awakening continues to unfold, the veils are being lifted and the Truth is being exposed. The false light has disguised itself as the truth when in reality, it’s been one of the greatest, if not, the underlying issue inside the health and wellness and spiritual worlds. One of the greatest conversations to speak upon is the infiltration of the Coaching Industry and how it’s preyed on people’s pain, kept them in healing loops, and consciousness traps for far too long.

People are demanding the Truth to be shared, to feel pleasure, and to align with real medicine. For far too long, have people been giving away their power to something outside of them, but now, people are ready to reclaim what’s always been theirs. If we want to see shifts and bring a higher level of awareness to what’s actually happening, sometimes it’s important to not only share what we’ve been observing, but also, what we’ve lived through. This is the conversation that goes there so that you can reclaim your power, build your coaching business on solid ground, and practice discernment on what’s out there.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ How the teachings in the coaching industry have preyed on people’s pain for far too long

◆ Consciousness traps and healing loops running rampant

◆ How God was taken out of the equation and now God’s coming back

◆ The toxicity of “Love and Light” and “Good vibes only”

◆ How the cookie-cutter approach for success doesn’t work

…plus so much more

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