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Consciously Creating Your Reality with Ava Johanna

As we embark on a new decade, it’s evident that we are being asked to step up unlike ever before. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, we have the power to implement radical change in the world. To experience it as our reality, we must be willing to first implement change within. Ava Johanna is a spiritual business coach who’s on a mission to help people activate their soul’s purpose and mission through mindset, embodiment, and empowerment. In these times, we must remember that success is rooted in you coming home to you. While there are many people out there sharing their gifts, talents, and medicine with the world, there’s no one out there who can do it quite like you. This is your time to break free from that cookie-cutter approach of what everyone else is doing by honoring your Truth, your path, and your journey.

In this episode, Ava and I talked about….

☾ How to break the cycles + conditioning of our lineage and upbringing

☾ Transcending competition in the spiritual community

☾ Generating Genuine Connection to our Audience

☾ The evolution of our relationship with social media

☾ How to work smarter instead of harder

☾ The importance of doing the work + filling up your cup when you’re supporting others

☾ How to attract blessed up clients + business success

☾ Creating a business and life beyond the cookie-cutter approach

 … plus so much more.



Consciously Creating Your Reality/ Ava Johanna on The Sovereign Society Podcast

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Discover Ava Johanna

Ava Johanna is a spiritual business coach, host of The Alchemized Life Podcast, and celebrity meditation teacher based out of Los Angeles, CA. Whether on the podcast or in her 1:1 VIP program, Ava works with individuals to activate their soul’s purpose, create powerful daily routines, and elevate every area of their life simply by adjusting their mindset through fully embodying the energy of empowerment and confidence. She has been featured on major wellness publications such as MindBodyGreen, Wanderlust’s 35 Under 35, Life&Style Magazine, and Yoga Journal.







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