The Elephant in the Conscious Spiritual Community »

The Elephant in the Conscious Spiritual Community

After partaking in my first Peyote Ceremony, massive awakenings and awareness about the spiritual community came through to the forefront. Truth is, if you’re a spiritual teacher, you have a responsibility to keep the integrity of the teachings alive. With the year of 2020 crystal vision, we are able to witness right away what’s out of integrity and what’s in alignment. In this episode, I talk about the elephant in the spiritual community that MUST be addressed. The intention here is to bring awareness so we can begin to honor our energy and the information we choose to consume. From this space, we are able to cultivate a conscious tomorrow, today.


In this episode, I share….

◆ The elephant in the spiritual community

◆ The wisdom of the medicine journey shared in my recent peyote ceremony

◆ Breaking Free from the Spiritual Influencer Crowd

◆ The biggest blessing from my Saturn Return

…plus so much more


102 | The Elephant in the Spiritual Community | Sabrina Riccio for the Sovereign Society Podcast

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