Regenerating a THRIVING Planet with Nixie Marie »

Regenerating a THRIVING Planet with Nixie Marie

In this episode of the Sovereign Society Podcast, Nixie Marie is sharing Truth about what it takes to regenerate a THRIVING planet from the inside-out and best believe that the first step comes from taking responsibility for our experience, our beliefs, our behaviors, and our intention.

As a Feng Shui Consultant and the CEO & Founder of Nixie Dust Cleaning and host of the I Am Goddess Collective Podcast, she’s taking a stand and speaking up on behalf of the evolution of our planet. For us to implement real change in the world, we must allow ourselves to embody our truth, our light, and our presence with the world once and for all.

We are living in times where there is no more room to play small. While we know the lone wolf days are over, it’s CRITICAL to surround yourself with the community that sees you, believes in you, honors you, respects you, and love you. Because we are living in the Aquarian Age, these times call for revolutionary change and a time of cooperation. Whether it be people in your industry or not, we must recognize that all of us are in this together, not just on a business level, but more importantly, on behalf of the sustainability of the planet and humanity at large.



In this episode, Nixie and I talked about….

☾ Why doing the deep inner work is a non-negotiable if you want to experience sustainable success in the Golden Era

☾ The importance of surrounding yourself with a conscious community who’s embodying their truth unapologetically

☾ Diving Deeper into the world of spirituality through integrity

☾ Why our planet needs us more than ever to wake up, stand up, and take action

☾ What it takes for us to be sustainable from the inside-out

☾ How our environments and groups of people we surround ourselves with activate our highest potential and true mission

☾ Answering the call by honoring the path of your journey

 … plus so much more.


103 | Regenerating a THRIVING Planet | Nixie Marie on The Sovereign Society Podcast


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Nixie Marie is a Feng Shui Consultant and the CEO & Founder of Nixie Dust Cleaning, a conscious green cleaning company that focuses on creating a holistic cleaning experience for its clientele. Nixie’s passions lie in creating sustainable solutions and using green technology (aka mother earth) in her business pursuits. With an intuitive understanding of energy, Feng Shui, and Space Clearing she is your go-to guide in making your life and home a living sanctuary.

She is also the host of I AM Goddess Collective, a lifestyle podcast for modern mystic women created as a sacred space for empowerment through modern magick, spiritual activism, and the reclamation of your feminine power.

She is often inspired by nature and loves to paint mandalas and sail the seas on her free time.





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