Transcending Coaching + Investment Trauma

When we’re ready to take the leap and invest in ourselves and/or our business, it’s important to address the elephant in the room. For way too long, marketing tactics have been to connect via trauma bonds where many times, it’s been around the agenda that a potential client is “missing something” and you carry the codes that they’re missing.

Instead, by shifting the connection to talking about their pleasure and what’s possible, you’ll find yourself connecting with potential clients from a space of expansion and liberation.

Sometimes, we invest in coaches or programs because we believe in them when, in the end, they don’t deliver their promise. It’s also important to reclaim your power and take responsibility for your transformation and progress. As soon as we can begin to make peace with our bad investments and honor the lessons learned along the way, we are able to show up with more integrity and wisdom on how we choose to serve.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ My experience with investments both good and bad

◆ Recognizing that mentors you hire aren’t carrying the “codes” you’re missing

◆ Investing with intention from the space of overflow

◆ How to make peace with old, shitty investments

◆ Reclaiming your power by taking responsibility for your evolution and progress

◆ Investing in people who are embodied in their integrity

…plus so much more

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