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131 | Embracing the Evolution of Conscious Marketing / Falyn Satterfield

As the world evolves, so too has the world of business. We are living in times where authenticity, integrity, and Truth are running the show and leading the way. Now, more than ever, are we being asked to use our platforms to speak up on injustice, to bring awareness to what’s happening in our communities, to answer the call to be the solution. Luckily, with leaders like Falyn Satterfield, we are witnessing courage, transparency, and straight realness leading the way and shining a light on the issues and happenings that are to be transformed once and for all.  

With this Aquarius Stellium, the cosmos are in our favor to be the revolution and the solution of implementing real change in our communities and the world at large. It’s time for allyship. Time for justice. Time to experience radical change. And we’re able to witness it when we take the leap and focus on the higher timelines, the greater vision, and our soul’s mission. The way to be of service and lead with integrity is to unapologetically share from the heart your Truth. And those who can recognize the Truth out in the world are the ones who are embodying their Truth in their world too.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ The Evolution of Conscious Marketing and the world of Business

◆ Transcending identities from childhood and religious upbringing to embody Your Truth

◆ Showing up in your community and online with integrity and embodiment

◆ Redeveloping your digital content marketing strategy

◆ The rise of allyship and the burnout experience

◆ Trusting how the Divine guides you

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Discover More about Falyn Satterfield

Falyn Satterfield is a Mystical Brand, Content Marketing, & Conscious Influence strategist. She’s passionate AF about showing Spirit-led Digital CEO’s how to design authentic, soulfully impactful, and expansively positioned Magnetic Service-Based Brands on Social Media through the power of Conscious Marketing, Vibrational Content, and Practical, yet multi-dimensional-magickal, Brand & Business Strategy.

She’s on a deliberate journey to change the digital content marketing game by illuminating the widely accepted tragedy that is fear-based, copy-and-pasted, creatively-stripped content marketing disguised as online business “strategy.”She wants to do this so that the dimension of soul-sourced, frequency infused, expansive marketing can emerge as THE standard in the digital entrepreneurship collective while also being just as glorified as “10k in 10 hours with 10 DMs” courses.

She believes that social content, digital marketing, and online Brand & Business building is a mixture of the practical & the magickal… and that when you create the essence of both in a soulful, yet strategic, embodiment… the reach of your voice, your vision of impact, your passion in what you do, and your personal & Business’ success travels far & wide at the speed of shooting stars, literally… plus, you’ll stand out, sound like YOU, and create + communicate + build community in a genuine way.2020 was the year that her business more than 1000x itself in contrast to all of what she made in 2019, which, she describes as “a reflection of everything she believes, speaks on, and guides with when it comes to creating & marketing from the energy of a Magnetic Spiritual Bad Bitch in the Age of Air.”


WEBSITE | www.falynsatterfield.info/begin

INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/falynsatterfield


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