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109 | Astrological Insights for Spring / Fall 2020 | Mimi Truong

As we approach the first Spring / Fall season of the decade, best believe revolutionary change is on the horizon. Navigating through these changing times, astrology has the power to help us in a way of understanding, a deeper sense of awareness, and an overall insight into this season. Astrologer Mimi Truong is here to share the Astrological Insights for the upcoming season, including a MASSIVE Saturnian Shift coming through to teach us how to honor our emotions while embracing what it means to be a sacred disruptor.

In this episode, Mimi and I talked about….

☾ Mimi’s journey embracing astrology

☾ Understanding the universality of language

☾ Why Mercury Retrograde is your BFF

☾ What Astrological Insights to expect for the Spring / Fall season 2020

☾ Navigating through a Saturn Transition and Retrograde

☾ How to navigate through social change

☾ Understanding the Lunar Nodes

 … plus so much more.



109 | Astrological Insights for Spring / Fall 2020 | Mimi Troung

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Discover Mimi Troung

Trained Lawyer turned Leadership Coach and Astrologer, Mimi Truong combines empowering astrological guidance with strategic coaching expertise to support clients in aligning mind, body, and soul to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re defining career goals, maneuvering relationships, or seeking clarity of direction and purpose, Mimi gets to the heart of the issue to break through roadblocks and self-defeating beliefs.

Through one-on-one coaching, astrological readings, and group workshops, Mimi facilitates meaningful, intuitive and powerful life choices, and provides strategies for lasting changes and a deeper sense of joy, abundance, and freedom. She believes when people operate from a place of authenticity and full expression, they become a gift to the world and to others.

Mimi’s holistic approach combines corporate coaching expertise with extensive knowledge of astrological natal charts, numerology, akashic records, chakras, and crystal healing. This unique blend produces conscious leadership, ease, and life-advancing results – the true measure of success.

Mimi obtained her Juris Doctor from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and her BA from the University of Richmond.  As a coach at Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Mimi supports corporate clients in transitioning back into the job market. She has facilitated sessions at WORLDZ and is a regular speaker at Los Angeles Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters.  Her featured presentations include Generous Listening, Conflict Resolution, and Astrology: Art or Science.

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