8 Ways to Prevent Sovereign CEO Burnout

So you heard before how I’ve been making my mess my message. There’s no denying I’ve been guilty of the Goddesspreneur Burnout myself. You know, when you get to the point where you don’t want to do anything but binge on Netflix and sleep. Definitely guilty of that. While there’s no denying, I’m passionate to inspire people to be real, be authentic as we embrace all facets of the human experience. Part of that human experience is to know what it feels like to reach the point of exhaustion. It’s all an opportunity for us to learn, gain empathy, and choose again.

So yes, you’ve heard the call and you’re ready to share your medicine with the world. Life of an entrepreneur isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. And now for the first time in modern history are we witnessing the rise of Women Entrepreneurs thanks to the Feminist movement and the evolution of humanity. This Aquarian Age is all about the rise of the Divine Feminine as we find ourselves balancing our Masculine and Feminine energy within us. A time where community and cooperation overrule comparison and competition. We are here to rise up together and support one another to achieve our dreams and desires.

Embracing the Waves of Change

As we go through these changes, it’s inevitable for us to go through the growing pains as we purge and transmute the lower vibrations that have resided within our consciousness up until now. As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are constantly battling our own demons and healing what arises. We see ourselves part of a symbiotic relationship between our business, life, the planet, relationships, body, + Spirit. We recognize the oneness in all. As we continue to honor and heal our inner child, we are learning how to navigate through the changing times as we too become more sensitive to the world outside of ourselves.

Without a doubt, there is chaos in the world, but after the chaos comes order. We are witnessing the world outside of ourselves to be rocked to the core. People are having to examine the depths of their souls that many have been ignoring for decades. We are also healing ancestral karma and even past-life traumas in order for us to anchor in the Divine Love we are worthy of experiencing. As channels of Spirit, not only are we responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship with Spirit, but also, we are seeing that we must too honor our bodies, our mental health, and a relationship to the world outside of ourselves.

Let’s face it, we are living in a time of information overload and many of our nervous systems aren’t strong enough to find stability and neutrality… yet. With the amount of radiation from our phones, computers, and wifi as well as the auras + subtle bodies of those that surround us, it’s more important than ever to truly honor ourselves and our sacred vessels as we go out and share our light with the world. As we step out into the world and do our great work, there are a few things to be aware of so that we prevent Goddesspreneur Burnout because let’s face it, now is not the time to be playing small. We are here to build our queendom with grace. In order for us to anchor our vision, we must foster healthy habits and practices as we find a balance between our work + personal lives.


1. Cultivate a daily Sadhana

When I allow myself the opportunity to take the time for me in the morning, I experience a more productive + easier flowing day. As a student and practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, doing a consistent practice for 40 days allows me to rewire my subconscious thought patterns. Waking up and saying 5 things you’re grateful for also paves the road ahead on the right side. You can even do things for your body such as oil pulling + drinking hot lemon water to support your digestion.

These daily rituals allow me to connect to my truest self. Cultivating the time for you to connect with Spirit and your soul allows you to really Carpe Diem. Making the most of your time and honoring the blessing the day brings really allows you to step up to the plate and slay the game.

If you need help cultivating a daily Sadhana, check out The Mystic Planner, my 7-day Kundalini Meditation experience bringing you a specific Kundalini Yoga meditation to support each day of the week. 

2. Don’t be afraid, ask for help!

Many of us are recovering control freaks. As a Goddesspreneur, we must remember that we don’t have to do this on our own. The Martyr look isn’t cute. It’s perfectly okay to allocate projects if you can financially manage it. They say, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork and wow, it that true! People are ready to help you. Oftentimes, goddesspreneurs are givers and we have a difficult time receiving.

This prevents others from giving and sharing, meaning there is a lack of balance between the Masculine + Feminine energy of the Universe, because when we receive, we restore order. We are witnessing a time of collaboration rather than competition. Each of us have unique gifts and talents to offer. We don’t have to do it all ourselves. Focus on the things that come naturally to you. Whatever tasks don’t make your heart sing, ask your guides to help support you and align you to someone who understands your vision and allow them to help you.

3. Relinquish the need to control!

As we pursue our passion projects, it can become challenging to relinquish control. This is your baby and you’ve got your heart and soul on the line here. A Course of Miracles says it best, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.” You have faith in the work you’re doing. You know that life is happening for you, not to you. Give it up to your guides! You don’t need to do it all on your own. When we allow ourselves to be in the flow, it’s because we have trust + unwavering faith. We can find ourselves trying and trying to control the outcome.

Being in the flow allows you to release pressure and allow Divine Timing to run it’s course. This is especially true if we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again, and are still expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity. Here’s something to remember, there are things unfolding behind the scenes, even if you can’t see it just yet. This is truly where FAITH comes in. You are doing this work because it brings you peace and joy. You feel obligated to follow through with your magical offerings because you know how much of an impact it brings to the crazy times we’re living in.

Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be comfortable in your feminine energy. Spirit is in control and is here to support you as you bring forth your medicine to the world. Remember, this is about balancing your hustle (masculine) and flow (feminine).

4. Stay in your own lane

As we are now a world of Social Media where people love to share their highlights, we can easily get caught up in what everyone else is doing. The comparison game is worse for our souls. We are all evolving at our own pace as we go forth and embark on our own journeys. This means while we can look up and be inspired on what our peers are doing, each of us have a different path. It’s important to stay focused on what it is you’re doing and to do your best to not beat yourself up.

We must learn to be gentle with ourselves as we go forth on the journey. We are all doing our best based on our level of awareness. Things may arise for us as we awaken to our fullest potential. And guess what, there will always be detours on the road.

Sometimes, we embark on the scenic route and become our own sage, gaining the wisdom to share with others through our own experience. While on the path, we can come across repressed pain, memories, and emotions. Again, this is where we REALLY need to be gentle with ourselves. Those instances are the opportunities we are gifted to heal the wounds of our past, to make peace, forgive, and transcend.

Do yourself a favor and take some time AWAY from social media. Yeah, I said it. Turn off your notifications. No, turn off your phone and reconnect with nature. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Journal. Meditate. Do what YOU need to do to realign with your highest self. This is your permission to take some time away from the distractions and you do you!

5. Respect and honor your boundaries

Let’s face it, many of us are recovering people pleasers, especially with family. Learning to say “No, thank you” brings you back into your power. A true goddess knows how to say no because she knows her worth, desires, and herself. We must connect with what we really need at any given moment. This means knowing how you should be treated. You are worthy of taking the time to take care of yourself and your needs. If something doesn’t feel right, honor it. We are here to be guided by our intuition and to listen to our gut instincts. Your body will let you know what feels right and what doesn’t. It’s totally okay to say no.

If you’re feeling tired, honor it.
If you feel like you need a break, honor it.
If you need some quality time for yourself, honor it.

This reigns true in business, too. Know when to shut down the computer + stop responding to emails. Knowing when to say no keeps you in the flow and in alignment with the Divine Guidance that’s leading the way. And yes, in the beginning, it may feel uncomfortable, but you have to do it!

If we are people-pleasing, we aren’t giving authentically which is actually a disservice to everyone. If something doesn’t feel right, think about why you may say yes. Is it for approval? Acceptance? You are enough and when you are living your authentic truth, THAT’S where the true magic lies.

6. Make Self-care your top priority + TREAT YO SELF

We can find ourselves taking on project after project and sometimes we neglect ourselves from our own needs. This can lead to burnout, leaving us feeling imbalanced. We have no problem helping others and we want to produce content to help benefit our readers and clients. The result… we produce content that may not reflect our best work. We are here to share authentic art and content. Content that reflects our gifts, talents, and wisdom. It’s our civic responsibility to share our art.

Because we are in the service industry in some way or another, it’s our civil responsibility to take the time to take care of ourselves, because let’s get real, if we don’t, who else will do it for us? There is nothing more important than our health and well-being, so go ahead and TREAT YO SELF! Let’s face it, if we don’t listen to the warning signs ahead of time, we will suffer the consequences down the road. Allow yourself to take time for YOU.

It’s perfectly fine for you to disconnect every so often so that you can take care of your own needs. Go ahead and get that massage. Go see that acupuncturist. Take a mini vacay. Honor your body and do little self-care practices like taking an Epsom Salt bath or doing a face mask. Drink more water. Meditate. Take a yoga class. Dance naked in your room. Take a nap. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND HER NEEDS! These little actions leave us feeling good. And when we feel good, we radiate that joy and that light through our work and out into the world.

7. Create a Content Calendar

Let’s be real, we can’t be on our computers and at our desks 24/7. We have lives! Sometimes we forget why we decided to take the risk of starting our businesses. We are doing this to not only share our gifts, but because it’s awesome to be your own boss! As we go forth, it’s important for us to WORK SMARTER. This means take the time to create your content calendars. Carve out a certain amount of days to work on a specific project, setting up all the social media, emails, and whatever else it takes to follow through and produce kick-ass content.

You can go ahead and film 8 videos for your Youtube to be distributed over the next 8 weeks or so. You can record 6 podcasts episodes to hold you over the next 6 weeks. Do what you need to do so that you can enjoy life and not stress out, let alone get burnt out. There are so many apps that allow you to preset Instagram posts like Later. Get ahead of the game and come up with a strategy. The world’s your oyster!

8. Honor your work/life balance

The sacred reunion of Heaven on Earth is where we find balance with our masculine and feminine energy, honoring all of whom we are. As female entrepreneurs, we can especially find ourselves getting caught up in our masculine energy of go-getting and hustle, neglecting our feminine side of allowing, nurture, and receptivity. This too relates to our own work/life balance. We cannot take life too seriously.

We are more than our business. We are here to enjoy life and all of its beauty and greatness. When we find ourselves in a space of joy, we become a magnet for more joy, abundance, and miracles. We will always be children at heart, so honor your inner child. Take the time to do the things you loved to do when you were young. You have full permission to fill up your cup. Commit to take some time away from the work emails, to not have to feel like you need to be on social media 24/7.

Many of us are workaholics. But we are here to not just work, we’re here to enjoy the journey and to reap the benefits and the fruits of our labor time and time again. So please, don’t beat yourself up just because you want to go out. DO IT! Because here’s the secret, the best ideas come through when we aren’t trying. Living life gives us the inspiration to teach and share what’s waiting to be shared. We need the time to connect with people and life to really be of service. LIVE A LITTLE WHY DON’T YOU!

What are some of the ways you prevent Goddesspreneur Burnout? Share them below and let me how you honor your sacred vessel. We are all doing our best here and as we share tips and advice, we can help heal one another through action and experience.

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